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McLEOD SCHOOL OF MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY - Cost of Medical Technology Program and Scholarship Information

Cost of Medical Technology Program

- Tuition 
  $1800 per semester or $3600 per year 
- Books - $750 to $800 per year
- Application Fee - $50.00    
- Uniforms - about $600 per year
- Housing and Meals (No housing available from Program)


- McLeod Health has a scholarship in Medical Technology for students accepted into the McLeod Program.  Visit the McLeod Health web site to download an application packet for the scholarship.  Apply as soon as possible after acceptance to the McLeod Medical Technology Program.
- A student who has applied for the McLeod Health Scholarship may be named the Helen Bush Scholar or the Kyra Nettles Scholar or Dr. Vera Hyman Scholar.
- Siemens Healthcare and American Society for Clinical Pathology have national scholarships for medical technology students.
- Financial aid may be available through affiliated colleges and universities for degree seeking (3 + 1) students who are completing their senior year at McLeod School of Medical Technology.