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McLEOD SCHOOL MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY - Description of the Profession

Welcome to the medical technology profession where analysis is the key.

A highly-skilled team of laboratory health professionals work together to:

- Determine the presence, extent or absence of disease
- Provide valuable data needed to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment

The fact is: The practice of modern medicine will be almost impossible without today's clinical laboratory.

Characteristics of a Medical Technologist

These professionals...
- are problem solvers
- like challenge and responsibility
- are accurate and reliabe
- work well under pressure
- communicate well
- set high standards for themselves
- are fascinated by science

Why Medical Technology?

Kelly HemeMedical Technologists, also called clinical laboratory scientists or medical laboratory scientists, often select the profession because they enjoy biological sciences and want a career where they help to improve someone's health.

Medical Technologists ranks high in healthcare professions

- very low unemployment
- good job security

Where Does a Medical Technologist Work?

- Hospital Laboratory
- Reference Laboratory
- Physician Office Laboratory
- Fertility Clinic
- Pharmaceutical Company
- Research Laboratory