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The mission of the McLeod School of Medical Technology is to ultimately serve the needs of the people in the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina by helping to provide quality laboratory services through employment of our graduates.

Goals of the School of Medical Technology

1. To prepare the student to assume employment as a responsible, competent medical technologists using entry-level skills in any area of the clinical laboratory. Entry-level competencies are outlined in the handbook  on this site.
2. To present theoretical knowledge that would allow the student to become a competent medical technologist.
3. To instill in the student the realization that continuing education is an integral part of being a competent medical technologist.
4. To guide the student in developing interpersonal skills and attitudes needed to interact with patients, other laboratory staff members, and other medical disciplines to provide quality laboratory services while demonstrating caring attitudes.
5. To prepare the student with entry level body of knowledge for a medical technologists enabling them to pass national certification examinations.